The first true
heat engine

Luminescent is a small, liquid based, super-efficient and affordable heat engine, converting any size power generator into a sustainability driver

1000-fold more

power density & comparable reduction on CAPEX

LCOE $15 MWh

zero-emission electricity with SPB under 2 years

Up to 20 hours

of renewable energy storage

Turn ESG standard

clean energy into a revenue source

Introducing the first

liquid-based isothermal
engine for efficient & economical waste heat upcycling

70% of the world’s energy is waste heat, but it is out of reach. 

The challenge of efficient conversion of waste heat is inherent to all existing heat engines, because they operate only on gasses or vapors, and therefore on adiabatic processes. As a result they are large in size, high in costs and deliver poor efficiency. They are simply inaccessible to most types of power grids and generators.

Through inducing isothermal expansion, Luminescent Heat Engine is able to generate zero-emission electricity from any source of waste heat, doubling efficiency and cutting cost by half compared to standard heat engines.

Isothermal expansion for maximal efficiency

  1. Heat transfer liquid (HTL) flows in a nozzle, mixed with pressurized air (or other gas) bubbles
  2. The bubbles expand isothermally due to their large surface area and poor heat capacity, as required by Carnot for maximal efficiency*
  3. The expansion accelerates the HTL, converting it into kinetic energy
  4. A four nozzle rotor operates a generator located on top of the engine shaft.

  • Renewable energy Storage of 8-20 hours

    A simple approach to a killer application:
    Achieve 70% round efficiency
    Low capex & opex for 30 years
    No need for rare materials

    Time to market: 2-3 years

  • 50%-70% more
    in small open
    cycle gas turbines

    Incorporating Luminescent Heat Engine into existing grid can convert any small open gas turbine(1MW-7MW) into a zero-emission combined cycle of 100GW. Compared to ORC solutions (available only for turbines over 10MW), our heat engine has the capacity to double the efficiency at half the cost.

    Reach: US, Europe, Japan, China, south Korea.
    Time to Market: 1 - 2 years

  • 50%-70% more
    in small open
    cycle gas turbines

    GT Power Exh Temp Mass Flow Lumin Power Open cycle Eff Logo 2 combined Eff Eff Factor
    MAN-MGT6000 6,630kW 490 °C 93,960 kg/h 2,536 kW 32% 44% 1,38
    CAT-Saturn 20 1,210kW 505 °C 23,500 kg/h 857 kW 24% 41% 1,71
    CAT-Mars 100 11,430kW 485 °C 153,200 kg/h 5,265 kW 33% 48% 1,46
    Electricity cost /MWh
    Capex per kW
  • We are seeking design partners looking to transform industrial waste heat from 100 to 550 c, into zero-emission electricity


was founded in 2020 with a vision of generating zero-emission electricity from any source of waste heat, efficiently and cost-effectively. Headquartered in Israel and led by a diverse team of renewable energy experts, combining academia, business and technology leadership, Luminescent Power is introducing to the world the first liquid-based isothermal engine for efficient, economical waste heat upcycling.
  • Doron Tamir
    Founder & CEO
    Solar energy entrepreneur with over 300 MWs developed and grids connected
  • Prof. Carmel Rotschild
    Founder & CTO
    Scientific entrepreneur and Associate Professor, Technion, Scientific entrepreneur and Associate Professor, Technion,(and Luna).
  • Lior Handelsman
    Chairman of the Board
    Business and technology veteran, founder of SolarEdge (NASDAQ:SEDG), General Partner Grove Ventures.
  • Erez Klein
    VP Engineering
    Executive VP Operations leader in large scale energy companies
  • Tomer Stern
    VP Product
    Vast experience in small-medium power plants development